Dennis Downes Bronzes

"For both painting and sculpture, Downes conducts exhaustive research"
remarking on 'his dedication to education as well as to pure form in art."

Dr. Harry Spell, historian and foundry owner

"The bronze trail marker by Dennis Downes is a powerful reminder of a bye-gone era. As Chicago celebrates its 175th anniversary as a city in 2012, it is too easy to forget that for centuries and centuries before then, this very same land was home to countless generations of inhabitants. They left their marks in the trees, some of which still survive to point out the paths that those people followed. Now, an important local artist has left a permanent representation of those trees. This artistic creation will help us to remember the people who were here first and the paths that they blazed."
Gary Johnson - President
Chicago History Museum

Captain George wellington Streeter
Captain George "Cap" Wellington Streeter

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Saint Valetin Dennis Downes Bronzes

Pictured above; Cardinal Francis George O.M.I.
and Sculpture Dennis Downes

Pictured left; St. Valentin Berrio-Ochoa Bronze

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16 foot bronze sculpture
16' Sculpture: Artist next to his sculpture in 2006 during his 60 day Solo Show, Tied to the Past IIII.
This show featured paintings and sculptures

Dennis Downes Bronzes Dennis Downes Bronzes
"Boy", shown in clay
Dennis Downes Bronzes
Dennis Downes Bronzes
"The Children" by Downes Studio

Dennis and Janet Davies
Janet Davies, host of Chicago's "190 North" on ABC affiliate WLS standing behind the 24" bronze "Trail Marker Tree" during an exhibit in Downtown Chicago
Dennis Downes Bronzes
16' "Trail Marker Tree" Sculpture,
Lake County Discovery Museum-Installation 2004

Dennis Downes Bronzes
Mounting the bronze: Mounting the 5' bronze sculpture onto its Chilton limestone base.
The artist is getting some assistance from friends Terrance Lyons, Kevin Gibbons, and Steve Case

HGTV film crew
HGTV: The film crew from HGTV filming the high relief sculpture process at Downes Studio.

Dennis Downes Bronzes
Oct17: This photo was taken during the Lakefront Sculpture Exhibition Trolley Tour
that celebrated the installations of the sculptures in downtown Chicago. The artist
is seen giving an educational lecture in front of his bronze "Trail Marker Tree."

Private showings at the Artist's Gallery for serious collectors can be arranged by appointment
For further information, please contact Downes Studio at or telephone (847) 395-8875.

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